Monday, December 28, 2009


"If you're focused, why are you reading this."

~A. Casanova


"Instead of just worshiping gods and idols, perhaps we should encourage the fruits of those faiths. Nature, is the true key to our survival as men. We all seem to attribute these things to our respective higher entities. If we focused more energy on caring for the gifts we were given, we would find a true point of unity."

~Amy Lee Casanova


"Perhaps Nature was meant 2 be natural & not in such order. Perhaps men were meant to be animals & the true method of power means having no emotion. Survival of the fittest is defined by living without personal attachments. If that's true, I was never meant 2 rule the world, just to live & love with all my soul. And if this is all fact, than I am content with just that. Perhaps ignorance on some level, is bliss."

~Amy Lee Casanova

New Vision

Instead of being so blatant about my political, religious and personal views, I will get a more philosophical. I will be putting up quote and thoughts that pop into mind. I would love for open debate so feel free to comment.