Monday, December 28, 2009


"If you're focused, why are you reading this."

~A. Casanova


"Instead of just worshiping gods and idols, perhaps we should encourage the fruits of those faiths. Nature, is the true key to our survival as men. We all seem to attribute these things to our respective higher entities. If we focused more energy on caring for the gifts we were given, we would find a true point of unity."

~Amy Lee Casanova


"Perhaps Nature was meant 2 be natural & not in such order. Perhaps men were meant to be animals & the true method of power means having no emotion. Survival of the fittest is defined by living without personal attachments. If that's true, I was never meant 2 rule the world, just to live & love with all my soul. And if this is all fact, than I am content with just that. Perhaps ignorance on some level, is bliss."

~Amy Lee Casanova

New Vision

Instead of being so blatant about my political, religious and personal views, I will get a more philosophical. I will be putting up quote and thoughts that pop into mind. I would love for open debate so feel free to comment.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Video: Documentary "Bi-Racial - Not Black Damnit"

This documentary focuses on something I've dealt with my entire life. Being a mixed baby, you have ignorant people who try to categorize you, when you just want to be seen for your personality and not the color of your skin. Sounds like I'm preaching Dr. Martin Luther King, jr., but sadly in 2009, there's a lot of bi-racial people who are being forced to identify with one race, as opposed to being seen as a human being period. You think it doesn't exist, recently I heard someone say 'Obama isn't black. I'll believe it when I see the birth certificate.' How sad. I grew up with it, and so did so many other people. How are 'black' people or 'mixed' people supposed to look? Again, the answer should be, Human period. No need for to define me, I define me. It's such a shame, but hopefully this documentary will serve as a bridge into our world.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Goldman Sachs - Steal from the Poor, Give to the Rich

What the hell does too big to fail mean? Is it really about the amount of jobs that could be lost? The affects on the economy? Or, that the Federal Reserve doesn't want these certain businesses to lose? Throughout history, when there is a depression, it seems that big business swallows smaller businesses that "no one cares about" and makes huge profits due to the lack on competition. Case and point the 'Great Depression' when banks and businesses were bought up for pennies on the dollar, because they didn't have the resources big corporations had. We won't say the Fed is corrupt, but why the inequality?

Why all the help when a corporation is deemed too big to fail? Isn't more beneficial to the economy if these businesses seized to exsist? Would not there be more competition and more chances for poor or middle class people to get involved and make a huge profit? Instead, we take the taxpayers of this country's and help them devour the middle class? Call me crazy, but it seems like if we just let one of these businesses fail, and let a smaller "less important" people would flourish. Isn't that part of democracy? Or are we really headed in socialist direction?

The following article was featured on PEEK:

A few short months ago Goldman Sachs was deemed too big to fail, and allowed to sink its fangs into the public vein. Not only did it receive direct assistance from lowly tax-payers like you and I, the gaggle of Goldman alumni that run the Treasury Department and implemented the Troubled Asset Relief Program funneled tens of billions to insurance giant AIG to assure that it could cover about 13 billion in Goldman's losses. Goldman paid back the TARP loans -- because caps on executive pay are a form of socialism, of course -- but is still making hay on the public dime, specifically on the sale of $28 billion worth of subsidized debt courtesy of the FDIC.

But today, as the New York Times put it, "up and down Wall Street, analysts and traders are buzzing" about the fact that Goldman is reporting "blowout profits" to the tune of $3.4 billion in the 2nd quarter. In a masterful bit of understatement, the Washington Post notes that "the New York investment bank profited from turmoil in the financial markets, the absence of former rivals and the continued support of the federal government."

It's good for Goldman's shareholders and great for its traders -- according to the WaPo, "Goldman said it set aside $6.65 billion for employee compensation in the second quarter." But for everyone else? Not so much. And not only because of the costs borne by the public, not only for the moral hazard this kind of crony capitalism represents, not just for the unfairness inherent in the pervasive reverse socialism we're seeing these days, but also because of the lessons that support has left unlearned. Protected from the fallout of their bad bets, Wall Street's casinos are open for business again. Just this week, Bloomberg reported that Morgan Stanley was trotting out another "collateralized debt obligation" backed by shaky loans that's again getting a AAA rating (if you have no idea what that means, see my piece from last October titled, "How Wall Street's Scam Artists Turned Home Mortgages Into Economic WMDs").

Now, let's just consider for a moment what's supposed to happen when businesses make catastrophic decisions, take on too much risk and get burned (never mind bringing down much of the global economy with them, as in the present case). We were told that if any of these "money center" banks failed, we'd end up living in a Mad Max-like dystopia, but let's think for a moment what other scenario might have played out had we just let the fuckers face the music.

From today's WaPo:

As large banks continue to nurse their wounds -- many self-inflicted -- some of the Washington area's less exposed community bankers are using the financial chaos to draw in new business, even by pursuing new branch locations in the midst of the recession.

Alexandria-based family bank Burke & Herbert Bank & Trust, which has $1.9 billion in assets, saw $45 million in new deposits during one two-week period last fall. It hopes to lure more by opening new outposts.

Here's the CEO, E. Hunt Burke:

"Show me any bank that's in trouble, and I can show you some place they took a risk and got caught, whether it be in subprime loans, or by getting too heavy in housing developments that dried up," Burke said. "Burke & Herbert didn't follow any of those paths."


The bank said that as of July 1, it had increased its reserves for potential loan losses to $11.3 million, from $9.9 million at that date last year. Loans delinquent for 90 days or more, otherwise declared as uncollectible, accounted for 0.5 percent of the bank's total loans, up from 0.09 percent at the end of 2006.

I'm sure Alexandria-based Burke & Herbert is a dreadfully dull business and working there is nothing like the high-flying life on the Street, with its multi-million dollar bonuses and attendant Masters of the Universe lifestyle. But banking is supposed to be dull and bankers are supposed to be boring and cautious. Instead of keeping Wall Street's hustlers in caviar on the public dime, we should have put a few banking giants into receivership and sold off their good assets in an orderly manner to staid, dull community-based banks like Burke and Herbert -- banks that would fulfill the core function of a banking system: taking deposits and lending money to people who have a good chance of repaying it.

I'm not one to fall on my knees and pray to the Gods of Capitalism™. I think of it much as Churchill regarded democracy: as the least bad system around. But it is supposed to be efficient at allocating resources, and in classical economic terms, we have created a market failure by handing trillions into the hands of irresponsible actors.

With the exception of Goldman's shareholders and employees, we're all big suckers today.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

N. Korea Threatens to Let A "Shower of Nuclear Retaliation' Rain on the U.S.

I wasn't going to write anything about this but seeing as Korea is going wild with the mouth I must say. First and foremost, Korea should have to heed to the sanctions the UN put on the country. They should also explain what is on the ship that is causing all this panic, when it has been known to carry missiles before. When every other super power in the world is exposing their nuclear laundry, they should be too. And threats like letting a 'Shower' rain on us, should not be taken too lightly. No matter how many time the country has had diarrhea of the mouth.

Once again, North Korea has reminded us that you don’t need Twitter to organize a big rally — just a dose of old-school Stalinism.

In Pyongyang, thousands of marchers packed a square today to denounce newly imposed U.N. sanctions on North Korea. The Associated Press said demonstrators chanted “Let’s smash!” while punching their fists in the air; the regime also threatened to unleash a “shower of nuclear retaliation” on the South in the event of a U.S. attack.

Today marks the anniversary of the 1950 outbreak of the Korean War (or as North Korea remembers it, “June 25, the Day of the Struggle against U.S. Imperialism”). Nearly six decades later, tensions are running high on the peninsula: North Korea is prepping for another long-range missile test, and Pyongyang has imposed a “no-sail zone” off its east coast. According to press reports, the North Koreans may also be planning to pop off some short- and medium-range missiles during an upcoming set of military exercises.

Last night, President Barack Obama extended sanctions imposed one year ago by his predecessor, George W. Bush. In a statement, the president said, “the existence and risk of the proliferation of weapons-usable fissile material on the Korean Peninsula continue to pose an unusual and extraordinary threat to the national security and foreign policy of the United States.” That executive order — which declares a “national emergency” because of North Korea’s nuclear posturing — keeps in place certain restrictions on commerce with North Korea that otherwise would have been lifted in 2008.

Meanwhile, the United States is mulling whether to intercept a North Korean ship that is suspected of carrying weapons to Burma. In a press conference yesterday, Pentagon spokesman Geoff Morrell said a decision had not yet been reached on whether to “hail and query” the North Korean vessel, the Kang Nam.

“That is a decision I think we will likely take collectively with our allies and partners out there and make a determination about whether we choose to hail and query this particular ship and, if we make that decision, when and where to do so,” he said. “But that is not a decision that’s been made yet, and I don’t get the sense that it is imminent. So I would urge everybody just to take a deep breath and to not hyperventilate about this particular ship. We are in this for the long run.”


Sunday, June 14, 2009

Republican Calls Michelle Obama a Gorilla

As many of you of you may or may not know, yesterday, June 13th, 2009, a gorilla escaped from Riverbanks Zoo. That prompted a prominent republican, to make the connection between Michelle Obama and the primate. This just shows the continued decline in racial acceptance and tolerance. Shame on you Rusty Depass.

Article Via ABC News:

GOP Activist Makes Controversial Remarks
Written by Robin Hinson
Saturday, 13 June 2009 22:48

Friday's gorilla escape at Riverbanks Zoo prompted a prominent Republican to make some controversial remarks about First Lady Michelle Obama.

In an article posted on the website,, Rusty Depass, a former chair of the State Election Commission, commented on the gorilla escape on

The post says quote, "I'm sure it (referring to the ape), is just one of Michelle's ancestors...probably harmless."

ABC Columbia News attempted to contact Depass, but he did not return our phone calls.

ss, but he did not return our phone calls

Sunday, June 07, 2009

NY Meter Maids Repeatidly Ticket Van Without Noticing the Dead Body Laying in the Back Seat

I have a huge pet peeve. NYC meter maids. Firstly, the only reason I see for cars to be ticketed, is if they are parked somewhere, where they are obstructing traffic or some or sort of emergency, business, or public service. Why the hell the need for all those meters? Money for a NY economy that doesn't give back to most of those drivers. My main issue, is as you walk in any of the boroughs or the city, you can spot those maids, walking back and fourth up streets and in some cases, just waiting by a parking meter, for an expiration. Why, all those tickets? Extra money in their bonuses. They aren't even concerned with the events that lead that car there; they are just feigns waiting for their next hit. And the story that follows this little hate rant of mines, is further proof and quite disturbing.

On the Queens/Brooklyn expressway, meter maids continued to ticket a car that was parked, while a dead body lay in plain view, for a month. Instead of inquiring why a car would be stationary for that long, checking to see if anything was wrong; they continued to rack up on the tickets, obviously more concerned with their personal gain; than truly being of service to the city of NY. I'm sure they seen the man and figured he was sleeping, and it was an easy way to write a ticket up without an argument or disagreement. How sick!

Article from CBS HD:

Police made a gruesome discovery earlier this week while getting ready to tow a heavily-ticketed van – a decomposed body in the back seat.

It was that of a missing man, and now his family wants to know to how officers could ticket the vehicle numerous times -- and never notice what was inside.

Jennifer Morales, who didn't want her face filmed by CBS 2 HD cameras, wondered how her father's body could go unnoticed for so long.

"I'm shocked. I'm surprised, um...," Morales said.

The daughter of 58-year-old George Morales wants everyone to remember her handyman father in a different way, not as a decomposed body found in a van under the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway on Wednesday. He'd been dead a month, in a van with four parking tickets.

"If you see an abandoned vehicle, you don't report it? You wait a month?" Jennifer Morales wondered.

Morales' daughter said her father left their apartment in Washington Heights on May 5 in a van owned by a friend. George Morales was headed for Long Island, but he just vanished.

His daughter suspects George Morales, who suffered from diabetes and heart problems, may have felt ill, and pulled off the road for a nap. A window was cracked. The odor became overpowering. After the car was ticketed each Monday for a month, a marshal, about to tow the van, noticed a body in the back seat.

"If you see a car has already three to four tickets and you just slabbing more, at least call 9-1-1 and say there's a car here that's not moving," Jennifer Morales said.

When he was found, his daughter said, he was not covered with a blanket or coat, but was in plain view of anyone who looked inside. She wondered: what if there was a person inside a car who was ill and needed help?

Jennifer Morales said it should be a lesson to all traffic agents and police officers: don't ticket without looking inside.

The NYC Medical Examiner's office has told the family it appears George Morales died of a heart attack. There was no word from police as to why tickets were repeatedly issued without taking a look inside.

Wells Fargo Sued After Ex-Employees Reveal Racist Ambitions Lead to Massive Foreclosures in Maryland

In a time, when foreclosures are as common as applying for welfare in poor and middle class areas, you would expect a well known financial institution like Wells Fargo, to try to and end the trend. But, as many Black Americans and employees found out, racism and prejudice became a ploy, that actually lead many homeowners in Baltimore to near homelessness. Not only that, it cost the state of Maryland millions in taxes and city services, that needed to be dished out.

Article Via the NY Times:

As she describes it, Beth Jacobson and her fellow loan officers at Wells Fargo Bank “rode the stagecoach from hell” for a decade, systematically singling out blacks in Baltimore and suburban Maryland for high-interest subprime mortgages.

These loans, Baltimore officials have claimed in a federal lawsuit against Wells Fargo, tipped hundreds of homeowners into foreclosure and cost the city tens of millions of dollars in taxes and city services.

Wells Fargo, Ms. Jacobson said in an interview, saw the black community as fertile ground for subprime mortgages, as working-class blacks were hungry to be a part of the nation’s home-owning mania. Loan officers, she said, pushed customers who could have qualified for prime loans into subprime mortgages. Another loan officer stated in an affidavit filed last week that employees had referred to blacks as “mud people” and to subprime lending as “ghetto loans.”

“We just went right after them,” said Ms. Jacobson, who is white and said she was once the bank’s top-producing subprime loan officer nationally. “Wells Fargo mortgage had an emerging-markets unit that specifically targeted black churches, because it figured church leaders had a lot of influence and could convince congregants to take out subprime loans.”

Ms. Jacobson’s account and that of the other loan officer who gave an affidavit, Tony Paschal, both of whom have left Wells Fargo, provide the first detailed accusations of deliberate racial steering into subprimes by one of the nation’s top banks.

The toll taken by such policies, Baltimore officials argue, is terrible. Data released by the city as part of the suit last week show that more than half the properties subject to foreclosure on a Wells Fargo loan from 2005 to 2008 now stand vacant. And 71 percent of those are in predominantly black neighborhoods.

Judge Benson E. Legg of Federal District Court had asked the city to file the additional paperwork and has not decided whether the lawsuit can go forward.

Wells Fargo officials have declined detailed interviews since Baltimore filed suit in January 2008. In an e-mail statement on Friday, a spokesman said that only 1 percent of the city’s 33,000 foreclosures have come on Wells Fargo mortgages.

“We have worked extremely hard to make homeownership possible for more African-American borrowers,” wrote Kevin Waetke, a spokesman for Wells Fargo Home Mortgage. “We absolutely do not tolerate team members treating our customers or others disrespectfully or unfairly, or who violate our ethics and lending practices.”

City and state officials across the nation have investigated and sometimes sued Wells Fargo over its practices. The Illinois attorney general has investigated whether Wells Fargo Financial violated fair lending and civil rights laws by steering black and Latino homeowners into high-interest loans. New York’s attorney general, Andrew M. Cuomo, raised similar questions about the lending practices of Wells Fargo, JPMorgan Chase and Citigroup, among other banks.

The N.A.A.C.P. has filed a class-action lawsuit charging systematic racial discrimination by more than a dozen banks, including Wells Fargo.

At the heart of such charges is reverse redlining, specifically marketing the most expensive and onerous loan products to black customers.

The New York Times, in a recent analysis of mortgage lending in New York City, found that black households making more than $68,000 a year were nearly five times as likely to hold high-interest subprime mortgages as whites of similar or even lower incomes. (The disparity was greater for Wells Fargo borrowers, as 2 percent of whites in that income group hold subprime loans and 16.1 percent of blacks.)

“We’ve known that African-Americans and Latinos are getting subprime loans while whites of the same credit profile are getting the lower-cost loans,” said Eric Halperin, director of the Washington office of the Center for Responsible Lending. “The question has been why, and the gory details of this complaint may provide an answer.”

The affidavits of the two loan officers seem to bolster Baltimore’s lawsuit. Mr. Paschal, who is black and worked as a loan officer in Wells Fargo’s office in Annandale, Va., from 1997 to 2007, offers a sort of primer on Wells Fargo’s subprime marketing strategy by race.

In 2001, he states in his affidavit, Wells Fargo created a unit in the mid-Atlantic region to push expensive refinancing loans on black customers, particularly those living in Baltimore, southeast Washington and Prince George’s County, Md.

“They referred to subprime loans made in minority communities as ghetto loans and minority customers as ‘those people have bad credit’, ‘those people don’t pay their bills’ and ‘mud people,’ ” Mr. Paschal said in his affidavit.

He said a bank office in Silver Spring, Md., had an “affinity group marketing” section, which hired blacks to call on African-American churches.

“The company put ‘bounties’ on minority borrowers,” Mr. Paschal said. “By this I mean that loan officers received cash incentives to aggressively market subprime loans in minority communities.”

Both loan officers said the bank had given bonuses to loan officers who referred borrowers who should have qualified for a prime loan to the subprime division. Ms. Jacobson said that she made $700,000 one year and that the company flew her and other subprime officers to resorts across the country.

“I used to joke that ‘I’ll pay for your kids to go to private school if you give me clients,’ ” Ms. Jacobson said in the interview.

Loan officers employed other methods to steer clients into subprime loans, according to the affidavits. Some officers told the underwriting department that their clients, even those with good credit scores, had not wanted to provide income documentation.

“By doing this, the loan flipped from prime to subprime,” Ms. Jacobson said. “But there was no need for that; many of these clients had W2 forms.”

Other times, she said, loan officers cut and pasted credit reports from one applicant onto the application of another customer.

These practices took a great toll on customers. For a homeowner taking out a $165,000 mortgage, a difference of three percentage points in the loan rate — a typical spread between conventional and subprime loans — adds more than $100,000 in interest payments.

The accusations contained in the affidavits, which were given to Relman & Dane, a civil rights law firm working with the City of Baltimore, have not drawn a specific response from Wells Fargo. But city officials say the conclusion is clear.

“They confirm our worst fears: that this is not just a case based on a review of numbers and a statistical analysis,” said the city solicitor, George Nilson. “You don’t have to scratch your head and wonder if maybe this was just an accident. The behavior is pretty explicit.”

Both sides expect to appear in court at a hearing in the case in late June.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Nude MySpace Pics Have Harsh Penalties for 14 Year Old Girl

When a young woman, around the ages of 12-18, are busy posting nude pictures of themselves on MySpace, it makes most humane people wonder where the parents are at? What's broken in that girl? How can one fix the problem? Is there some way to prevent this on social networking site. But for some law enforcement, it's a chance to take advantage of a law aimed at preventing sexual predators (Megan's Law), and send out severly harsh punishment.

"The mother of the New Jersey girl whose death inspired Megan's Law is criticizing prosecutors who charge teenagers with child porn for distributing nude photos of themselves.

Maureen Kanka said Thursday that the prosecutors are harming the children more than helping them.

Her comments came as authorities in Passaic County charged a 14-year-old girl with child pornography for posting nude photos of herself on

If she is convicted, she would have to register with the state as a sex offender under Megan's Law.

The laws generally require governments to alert neighbors of convicted sexual predators in their midst.

Kanka said the girl needs help, not legal trouble.

The girl's name has been kept confidential because she's a minor, but she allegedly posted 30 naked photos of herself on the social networking site.

Prompted by a tip from the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, authorities investigated the case for a month before zeroing in on the suspect, who said she posted the pictures for her boyfriend’s pleasure. Anyone who was online “friends” with the girl through the site or knew her name could see the pictures.

The teen was charged with one count each of possession and distribution of child pornography. Police remanded her into her mother’s custody.

A sheriff’s department spokesman told that more arrests in the case are possible.

Copyright Associated Press"

Monday, March 23, 2009

Sad News

BAY CITY, Mich. – Police in Michigan say a 15-year-old boy has died after being Tasered by officers who were trying to break up a fight.

Police didn't release his name and say state police are investigating.

A Bay City police news release says officers answered a report of an early morning fight on Sunday. The statement says two males were arguing in an apartment, and one of them "attempted to fight the officers."

Police say officers Tasered him, and his reaction led them to immediately call for emergency medical help. He was pronounced dead at Bay Regional Medical Center.

Deputy Chief Thomas Pletzke tells WNEM-TV police placed one officer on administrative leave.


Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Pope Says Condoms Don't Help Aids

Via The Associated Press -

YAOUNDE, Cameroon -- Pope Benedict XVI has arrived in Cameroon to start his first visit to Africa as pontiff.

The pope's Alitalia plane touched down in Yaounde at around 1500 GMT on Tuesday. It had departed hours earlier from a Rome airport.

Speaking aboard the plane that took him to Cameroon's capital, the pope touched on Africa's AIDS pandemic, saying that condoms were not the answer in the continent's fight against HIV.

The seven-day pilgrimage will also include Angola and is Benedict's first trip as pontiff to Africa, the fastest-growing region for the Roman Catholic Church.

Friday, March 06, 2009

Random Quote

"Without Complex Thought, We'd Be Just A Mere Part of An Untamed and Uncivilized Food Chain"

~A. Casanova

If only people were more concerned with understanding life as it pertains to our entire species; instead of personal advancement above all others.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Facebook Causes Cancer

While searching through, I found this interesting article. And no, it doesn't just bash Facebook. MySpace, Hi5, Twitter are just as bad.

Social Networking sites such as Facebook could raise your risk of serious health problems by reducing levels of face-to-face contact, a doctor claims.

Emailing people rather than meeting up with them may have wide-ranging biological effects, said psychologist Dr Aric Sigman.

Increased isolation could alter the way genes work and upset immune responses, hormone levels and the function of arteries. It could also impair mental performance.


Thursday, February 19, 2009

Horus & Jesus - The Same God?

After watching ZietGeist The Movie, and understanding the corruption behind religious institutions, such as the Catholic Church; it is with certainty that I declare it all to be another system of control, through fear and manipulation. By using stories, with no proven credibility, leaders were able to create an actual history, that plays on a fear no man has a cure for; death. One can observe modern day history, to see the industries and technology being generated to reverse the aging process, and sustain life. Church, has become just another tax-free system, using monetary compensation to pay for salvation. Except instead of a botox injection or tummy tuck, one may utilize a Pastor, Preist, Profit, Reverend or Head of Church to get a quick shot of temporary relief, in the form of communion or prayer. In fact, the largest grossing book sales of 2008 alone, belong to the BIBLE; which sold over 55 Million copies.

That's where my questions begin to pore in . If Christians, which account for 1/6th of the world's population, somehow found the similarities between Jesus and at least 30 other Sun (Pagan) gods; dated thousands of years before Christ, would they tithe as hard? Personally I grew up Catholic and converted to Lutheranism. Church was not a one day thing, and teaching Sunday school was an honor. Like many people, my own parent's beliefs were ingrained in me. But, as I grew, so did my thirst for knowledge. And once you put philosophy and religion side by side, you realize it was a system initially built with political ambitions, to suppress free thought and opposition.

Most people, with whom I have tried to discuss this with, throw back scripture that I spent much of my own childhood memorizing. When I mention Horus, they are usually unfamiliar. The Egyptian Sun God of 3000 B.C., shares many similarities throughout his life as Jesus; from their birth sequences to their deaths. In fact, defining moments that help create the myth of Horus, are identical to those that we know to be Jesus' life. Which leads me to question, who plagiarized who, when Horus' story predates Christianity.

Before I lay out their lifespans, I wanted to point out some additional interesting facts, I learned just today; that may not add anything to what I've researched below, but serve for even more controversy. In Luke 11:34-36, Jesus says: "The light of the body is the eye: therefore when thine eye is single, thy whole body is full of light...". Horus, was depicted as a creature who had a man's body and the head of an eagle or falcon, and is famously know for the 'Eye of Horus'. It is a symbol, of only one of his eyes and can be found numerous times throughout Egyptian History. In this article, I was sure to include a picture of the 'Eye of Horus', as well as a lesser known carving, held at Chartres Cathedral, called "Jesus In The Eye". You will also notice that early recreations of Jesus always show, 'the son of God', in front of the sun. Expect no different from Horus, who is the 'son of God' as well.

Timeline of Horus & Jesus

Jesus was conceived of a virgin. (Matthew 1:23 and Luke 1:27)
Horus was conceived of a virgin.

Jesus was the “only begotten son” of the god Yahweh. (Mark 1:11)
Horus was the “only begotten son” of the god Osiris.

The mother of Jesus was Mary. Sometimes referred to as Maria (Gospel of Mark) or Miriam.
The mother of Horus was Meri.

The foster father of Jesus was Joseph.
The foster father of Horus was Jo-Seph.

Joseph was of royal descent, being from the House of David.
Jo-Seph was of royal descent.

Jesus was born in cave. (Some accounts say Jesus was born in a manger in a barn or stable.)
Horus was born in a cave. (source unknown)

The coming birth of Jesus was announced to Mary by an angel. (Luke 1:34)
The coming birth of Horus was announced to his mother by an angel.

The birth of Jesus was heralded by a star in the East (where the Sun rises in the morning). (Matthew 2:2 and Matthew 2:9)
The birth of Horus was heralded by the star Sirius (the morning star).

Modern Christians celebrate the birth of Jesus on December 25. (This coincides with a variety of pagan holidays, not just Horus. Most obvious, of course, is the Winter Solstice.)
Ancient Egyptians celebrated the birth of Horus on the Winter Solstice (December 21/22).

The birth of Jesus was announced by an angel. (Luke Chapter 2)
The birth of Horus was announced by an angel.

Jesus was visited by shepherds at his birth. (Luke Chapter 2)
Horus was visited by shepherds at his birth.

Jesus was visited by magi (astrologers or wise men) at his birth. Tradition says there were three of them. (Matthew Chapter 2)
Horus was visited by “three solar deities” art his birth.

After the birth of Jesus, Herod tried to have him murdered. (Matthew 2:16)
After the birth of Horus, Herut tried to have him murdered. This may be more of a coincidence, as the Herod in the time of Jesus is a historical figure.

To hide from Herod, an angel tells Joseph to “arise and take the young child and his mother and flee into Egypt.” (Matthew 2:13)
To hide from Herut, the god That tells Isis, “Come, thou goddess Isis, hide thyself with thy child.”

When Jesus (and other Jews) come of age, they have a special ritual called a Bar Mitzvah.
When Horus came of age, he had a special ritual where hsi eye was restored.

Jesus was 12 at his coming-of-age ritual.
Horus was 12 at his coming-of-age ritual.

Jesus has no official recorded history between age 12 and 30.
Horus has no official recorded history between age 12 and 30.

Jesus was baptized in the river Jordan. (Matthew 3:6, Mark 1:5)
Horus was baptized in the river Eridanus.

Jesus was baptized at age 30.
Horus was baptized at age 30.

Jesus was baptized by John the Baptist. (Matthew, Mark and Luke)
Horus was baptized by Anup the Baptizer.

John was later beheaded. (Matthew Chapter 14, Mark Chapter 6)
Anup was later beheaded.

Jesus was taken from the desert in Palestine up a high mountain to be tempted by his arch-nemesis Satan. (Mark 1:13)
Horus was taken from the desert of Amenta up a high mountain to be tempted by his arch-rival Set.

Jesus successfully resists.
Horus successfully resists.

Jesus has 12 disciples, although their names are in dispute.
Horus has 12 disciples.

Jesus walked on water (Matthew 14:22, Mark 6:45, John 6:16), cast out demons (Mark 7:26), healed the sick (Matthew 4:23, Mark 1:32), and restored sight to the blind (John Chapter 9).
Horus walked on water, cast out demons, healed the sick, and restored sight to the blind.

Jesus commanded the sea to be still by saying, “Peace, be still.” (Luke 8:25)
Horus “stilled the sea by his power.”

Jesus raised Lazarus from the grave. (John 11:38)
Horus raised his dead father (Osiris) from the grave. (Note the similarity in names when you say them out loud. Further, Osiris was also known as Asar, which is El-Asar in Hebrew, which is El-Asarus in Latin.)

Lazarus was raised, or at least lived, in Bethany (literally, “house of Anu”). (John 12:1)
Osiris was raised in the town of Anu.

Jesus delivered a Sermon on the Mount.
Horus delivered a Sermon on the Mount.

Jesus was crucified.
Horus was crucified.

Jesus was crucified next to two thieves.
Horus was crucified next to two thieves.

Jesus was buried in a tomb. (John 19:42)
Horus was buried in a tomb.

Jesus was sent to Hell and came back “three days” later.
Horus was sent to Hell and resurrected in 3 days.

Jesus had his resurrection announced by women.
Horus had his resurrection announced by women.

Jesus is said to return for a 1000-year reign. (Revelation 20:4)
Horus is said to return for a 1000-year reign.

Jesus was known as the Christ (which means “anointed one”).
Horus is known as KRST, the anointed one.

Jesus has been called the good shepherd (John 10:11, 10:14), the lamb of God (John 1:29, 1:36), the bread of life (John 6:35, John 6:48), the son of man (many places), the Word, the fisher, and the winnower.
Horus has been called the good shepherd, the lamb of God, the bread of life, the son of man, the Word, the fisher, and the winnower.

Jesus is associated with the zodiac sign of Pisces (the fish).
Horus is associated with the zodiac sign of Pisces (the fish).

Jesus is associated with the symbols of the fish, the beetle, the vine, and the shepherd’s crook.
Horus is associated with the symbols of the fish, the beetle, the vine, and the shepherd’s crook.

Jesus was born in Bethlehem (”the house of bread”). (Matthew 2:1)
Horus was born in Anu (”the place of bread”).

The infant Jesus was carried into Egypt to escape the wrath of Herod. Concerning the infant Jesus, the New Testament states the following prophecy: “Out of Egypt have I called my son.” (See Point 13) (Matthew 2:15)
The infant Horus was carried out of Egypt to escape the wrath of Typhon.

Jesus was transfigured on the mount.
Horus was transfigured on the mount.

The catacombs of Rome have pictures of the infant Horus being held by his mother, not unlike the modern-day images of “Madonna and Child.”

Noted English author C. W. King says that both Isis and Mary are called “Immaculate”.

Jesus says: “Now is the Son of Man glorified and God is glorified in him. If God is glorified in him, God will glorify the Son in himself, and will glorify him at once.”
Horus says: “Osiris, I am your son, come to glorify your soul, and to give you even more power.”

Jesus is identified with the Tau (cross).
Horus was identified with the Tau (cross).

Below is an inscription that is roughly 3500 years old. It is on the walls of the Temple of Luxor in Egypt. It describes that enunciation, the immaculate conception, the birth, and the adoration of Horus.

In the words of Thomas Paine, from an article about The Free Masonary's (HERE:

The christian religion and Masonry have one and the same common origin: both are derived from the worship of the Sun. The difference between their origin is, that the christian religion is a parody on the worship of the Sun, in which they put a man whom they call Christ, in the place of the Sun, and pay him the same adoration which was originally paid to the Sun,

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Marijuana Increases The Risk of Testicular Cancer

Marijuana Increases The Risk of Testicular Cancer

I found this article and I found it rather interesting...

Young men who began using marijuana as adolescents or who smoke pot at least once a week appear to be twice as likely to develop testicular cancer as those who never used the drug.

The association, as reported by researchers at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle, was strongest with nonseminoma, an aggressive, fast-growing subtype of testicular cancer that typically strikes men between ages 20 and 35.

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Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Obama Appoints Gregg to Get Republican Love

I have been trying to watch closely, who our President for Change Barack Obama will appoint to various key positions in government. And it has been announced that the Senator from New Hampshire, Judd Gregg, a republican, will fill the shoes of Commerce Secretary, pending Senate approval.

My main issue, is the fact that last week Gregg was quoted as saying:

A stimulus package should be temporary, targeted and timely, he said then. What we're getting here is something that's unfocused and unending.

Personally, what I feel it was an attempt to obtain a majority vote for his proposed $800 Billion (+) economic proposal, . We all know that although there is a shift in the majority of Democrats in Congress and Senate, Obama will need some type of bi-partisan support. While talking to press in the White House's Grand Foyer, and in an effort to disway an opinion like my own, Obama enforced the notion, that party differences should not overshadow the progress that needs to be done, in terms of our economy.

"Clearly, Judd and I don't agree on every issue, Said Obama. ...But we agree on the urgent need to get American businesses and families back on their feet ... And we know the only way to solve the great challenges of our time is to put aside stale ideology and petty partisanship, and embrace what works."

Now, this has me wondering; 'Obama, is this for real, or are you playing into politics'? It is widely understood that the President is losing the majority Democrats, who seem more focused on smaller projects, then a leghthy and costly goal. And Republicans are far too concerned with what they feel is 'balloon spending'. There must have been some real shift in momentum if this isn't a ploy to gain sympathy, as Gregg sharply changed his opinion this week:

"This is not a time for partisanship, this is a time to govern and govern well." He said Obama's proposal is an "extraordinarily bold, aggressive, effective and comprehensive plan."

If the Senate agrees to the appointment, Judd will take over an agency which he voted to close in the 1995. Gregg, who is known to be a 'fiscal disciplinarian' will be in charge of creating jobs, issuing weather forecasts, regulating trademarks and conducting the 2010 census, amongst other things. With someone like Gregg, who is know to have a tight grip on his wallet, in charge of Commerce, Barack hopes to send the message that he his not a big spender, and that his plan is well calculated.

Aside from this suspect announcement, Obama has made sure that lobbying for his economic plans, is a top priority. This past Tuesday, the new President gave interviews with 5 separate Television networks inside the oval office. Something he didn't even want when he was sworn in again. He spoke with Republican Governors, Arnold Schwarzenegger (California), Jodi Rell (Connecticut), and Charlie Crist (Florida); who are all in support of his econimic plans. Not to mention a surprise visit to a Washington Charter School; were he explained how his ideas would allow billions of dollars for school construction and training of teachers.

Initially the New Mexico Senator, Bill Richardson was named as the candidate for the Commerce Secretary position. However, after an investiagtion with the Grand Jury, involving a state contract that was awarded to his political donors, he withdrew his nomination.

The newly appointed Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood, and Defense Secretary Robert Gates, are also Republicans chosen by Obama.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Fun Bush Facts

Family Connections-

Prescott Bush - George W. Bush's grandfather had a luminous career in government despite the fact tha in October of 1947, the Union Banking Corp, which he was an owner and director of, was seized under the 'Trading With The Enemy Act' Executive Order No. 9095. Interestingly, Prescott attended Yale University and is member of the Skulls and Bones* fraternity. (see notes on bottom) Before becoming a big part of the international bank Harriman & Co. (now known as Brown Brothers Harriman & Co.), he had very little luck during his various positions in Corporate America. Luckily for him, his father-in-law, George Herbert Walker, as well as his fellow bonesmen E. Ronald Harriman and Knight Woolley, let him in on an initial investment in 1912 called Harriman & Company. It was later in 1924, with no real individual success, that he was appointed as Vice President of Harriman & Co. In fact, it was through the bank that E. Ronald Harriman and Prescott both were involved and entangled in the UBC's seizure and scandal.

John Ellis "Jeb" Bush - The 43rd Governor of Florida, in a term that ended January 2nd, 2007. Jeb attended the University of Texas at Austin, and graduated Phi Beta Kappa . Phi Beta Kappa** was founded on December 5th, 1776, and it's ten original members were Freemasons. We all know the scandal of 2004, and lesser known issues in the 2000 election, with the electronic voting booths, widely supplied by Diebold Election Systems. Ultimately voting was most clouded in Volusia County, Florida.

It was proven in the Documentary, Hacking Democracy, that these e-booths can be hacked and formulated in such a way, that you can change the actual final vote, without a trace. Finnish computer security expert Harri Hurtsi, discovered the flaw, which was denied several times by Diebold. It is widely known as the 'Hursti Hack'. In fact, in the film Kathleen Harris, Associate Director for nonprofit election group Watchdog, captured footage of the groups Director Bev Harris, acquiring original voting machine tickers (records) in a Volusia County trash bag; after requesting them and only being supplied copies. Those tickers did not match the copies she was initially supplied by the Voting administration. Secret footage was also captured of Cuyahoga County elections workers, admitting that the initial 3% recount ballots had not been randomly selected during the 2004 presidential election recount.

George H. W. Bush - George W. Bush's father is also the 41st President of the United States of America. Just like his father Precott Bush, and son, H.W. attended Yale University and became a branded member of Skulls and Bones. There is much to say about him, which I will in further posts, but I just wanted to post a quote that he wrote, in his 1998 book, co-written by Brent Scowcorft called A World Transformed (ISBN 0-679-43248-5). The memoir of sorts, documented foreign relations during his 'Bush Administration'. On the topic of possibly invading Iraq, in 1991, Bush wrote:

Dirty Business - The Carlyle Group is a private investment firm, which currently has $91.5 Billion in assets. The Bush family along with the Bin Laden Family are big investors in the company. Ironically enough, the firm acquired the United Defense Industries in 1997; which is the largest provider of war materials during our war on terror. Making billions off an illegal war, initiated by George W. Bush. It was only in 2004, and after Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld canceled production of the high priced XM2001 Crusader self-propelled howitzer, and stock fell 27%, that the firm decided to leave the United Defense Industries.

Alert! Postal Service to Cut Delivery By One Day!

Alert! Postal Service to Cut Delivery By One Day!

Everyone one who has ever received a extremely late, mishandled, or incorrect mail delivered, has yet another reason to hate the Postal system. In 2008, the US Postal Service, or USPS, as they preferred to be for marketing purposes, suffered a 9 Billion decrease in mailed items; which ultimately has the future of the convenient 6 day delivery policies in jeopardy.

With the looming rising costs, and a $2.8 Billion deficit, Postmaster General John E. Potter, said during his testimony for a Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs,"It is possible that the cost of six-day delivery may simply prove to be unaffordable...I reluctantly request that Congress remove the annual appropriation bill rider, first added in 1983, that requires the Postal Service to deliver mail six days each week."

2008, which marked the largest drop of mail volume, in the history of the postal service, seems to only foreshadow even more losses for 2009. Potter added, "if current trends continue, we could experience a net loss of $6 billion or more this fiscal year,". It is obvious that the internet generation and e-mail are having the same impact on the Postal Service, that pirating and Mp3s are having on the Music Industry.

Total mail volume was 202 billion items last year, more than 9 billion less than the year before, the largest single volume drop in history. Usually, annual rate increases provide a safety net, so that even with a decline in revenue, profits out do every previous years. However, Potter predicts that 2009 will be the first time since 1946, that increasing products and services, will fail.

Studies in the past indicate that although one day may be removed from the mailing schedule, Saturday may not necessarily be cut. Many insiders have looked into the possibility of skipping another traditional mail date. Personally I feel that they might as well change the traditional work schedule if they do that. Imagine what will happen to booming businesses who can not overnight a contract on a Monday to the other side of the Country.

But Potter, being the good mouth piece that he is, tries to defend the notion of halting mail in the middle of the average American's work week; "The ability to suspend delivery on the lightest delivery days, for example, could save dollars in both our delivery and our processing and distribution networks. I do not make this request lightly, but I am forced to consider every option given the severity of our challenge,".

The agency has insisted that this will not mean the change will be imminent; noting that they are still trying to cut costs and find other answers. But honestly, time is running out.

In a world where corporations find a way to enter in Federal Affairs, (i.e. the Federal Reserve Bank), I can see where there would interest in making the USPS private. With a generation more focused on instant messaging, texting, not to mention social networking sites, then writing letters, circulation will continue to dwindle. It seems almost scarcly near, when sending mail will be expensive, and private intrests control circulation.

Alert! Postal Service to Cut Delivery By One Day!

Massive Layoffs! Kodak Loses Big In the 4th Quarter

Massive Layoffs! Kodak Loses Big In the 4th Quarter

It doesn't seem the economy is being nice to anyone. Kodak has announced that due to massive decreases in sales and profits, of both their digital and film based photography products, up to 4,500 employees, will be out of jobs.

Kodak, which posted a $137 Million loss during their 4th quarter, reported that their average stocks are now 51 Cents a share. In 2007, the company boasted a $215 Million profit, and shares starting at 75 Cents. There net loss was only at $21 Million; which is equal to only $8 Cents a share.

Overall sales fell $2.43 Billion, or 24%. More specifically, traditional film products fell 27%, as revenue from their digital based products plummeted 23% . It hard to believe, that in this recession, on average, analysts surveyed by Thomas Reuters, expected a profit of 21 Cents and an increase in sales of $2.81 Billion.

The layoffs, which are estimated to affect 14& to 18% of their payroll; will hit 3,500-4,500 employees.

Massive Layoffs! Kodak Loses Big In the 4th Quarter

Blurb- The Economy

I have some projects that I am working on right now to post. But to me it is apparent that I must shed some light on the economy. Expect lots of little updates on job cuts, and economic changes, that may impact the country, during this recession.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Video: Chief Justice John Roberts Switches Up Presidential Oath on Obama!

Please don't give me the bullshit that this was accidental. First of all, so much money was spent on Obama giving his god damn oath into office. In fact the event; which was budgeted at $150 Million was the largest National Security Event in history, and most expensive inauguration ever. You'd think that since they spent that amount of money, during a recession larger than the one that fueled the depression, that they'd at least start the ceremony on time. But I guess 2009 wanted to make history, as the first time since Chief Oliver Ellsworth swore in John Adams, to have a President swear in to oath late. Notice how on top of all of that, Chief Justice Jon Roberts, omits the word honoralby. If Obama had not caught that slip up, or requested to re-take the Oath in the White House; who knows what anything he did, would mean.