Thursday, January 29, 2009

Fun Bush Facts

Family Connections-

Prescott Bush - George W. Bush's grandfather had a luminous career in government despite the fact tha in October of 1947, the Union Banking Corp, which he was an owner and director of, was seized under the 'Trading With The Enemy Act' Executive Order No. 9095. Interestingly, Prescott attended Yale University and is member of the Skulls and Bones* fraternity. (see notes on bottom) Before becoming a big part of the international bank Harriman & Co. (now known as Brown Brothers Harriman & Co.), he had very little luck during his various positions in Corporate America. Luckily for him, his father-in-law, George Herbert Walker, as well as his fellow bonesmen E. Ronald Harriman and Knight Woolley, let him in on an initial investment in 1912 called Harriman & Company. It was later in 1924, with no real individual success, that he was appointed as Vice President of Harriman & Co. In fact, it was through the bank that E. Ronald Harriman and Prescott both were involved and entangled in the UBC's seizure and scandal.

John Ellis "Jeb" Bush - The 43rd Governor of Florida, in a term that ended January 2nd, 2007. Jeb attended the University of Texas at Austin, and graduated Phi Beta Kappa . Phi Beta Kappa** was founded on December 5th, 1776, and it's ten original members were Freemasons. We all know the scandal of 2004, and lesser known issues in the 2000 election, with the electronic voting booths, widely supplied by Diebold Election Systems. Ultimately voting was most clouded in Volusia County, Florida.

It was proven in the Documentary, Hacking Democracy, that these e-booths can be hacked and formulated in such a way, that you can change the actual final vote, without a trace. Finnish computer security expert Harri Hurtsi, discovered the flaw, which was denied several times by Diebold. It is widely known as the 'Hursti Hack'. In fact, in the film Kathleen Harris, Associate Director for nonprofit election group Watchdog, captured footage of the groups Director Bev Harris, acquiring original voting machine tickers (records) in a Volusia County trash bag; after requesting them and only being supplied copies. Those tickers did not match the copies she was initially supplied by the Voting administration. Secret footage was also captured of Cuyahoga County elections workers, admitting that the initial 3% recount ballots had not been randomly selected during the 2004 presidential election recount.

George H. W. Bush - George W. Bush's father is also the 41st President of the United States of America. Just like his father Precott Bush, and son, H.W. attended Yale University and became a branded member of Skulls and Bones. There is much to say about him, which I will in further posts, but I just wanted to post a quote that he wrote, in his 1998 book, co-written by Brent Scowcorft called A World Transformed (ISBN 0-679-43248-5). The memoir of sorts, documented foreign relations during his 'Bush Administration'. On the topic of possibly invading Iraq, in 1991, Bush wrote:

Dirty Business - The Carlyle Group is a private investment firm, which currently has $91.5 Billion in assets. The Bush family along with the Bin Laden Family are big investors in the company. Ironically enough, the firm acquired the United Defense Industries in 1997; which is the largest provider of war materials during our war on terror. Making billions off an illegal war, initiated by George W. Bush. It was only in 2004, and after Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld canceled production of the high priced XM2001 Crusader self-propelled howitzer, and stock fell 27%, that the firm decided to leave the United Defense Industries.

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