Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Video: Documentary "Bi-Racial - Not Black Damnit"

This documentary focuses on something I've dealt with my entire life. Being a mixed baby, you have ignorant people who try to categorize you, when you just want to be seen for your personality and not the color of your skin. Sounds like I'm preaching Dr. Martin Luther King, jr., but sadly in 2009, there's a lot of bi-racial people who are being forced to identify with one race, as opposed to being seen as a human being period. You think it doesn't exist, recently I heard someone say 'Obama isn't black. I'll believe it when I see the birth certificate.' How sad. I grew up with it, and so did so many other people. How are 'black' people or 'mixed' people supposed to look? Again, the answer should be, Human period. No need for to define me, I define me. It's such a shame, but hopefully this documentary will serve as a bridge into our world.

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